Welcome to Planemos, a compact and ambitious workshop for creating interiors, furniture, exhibitions and otherworldly constructions that require precise articulation and high standards of craftsmanship.  

We are deeply proud of our team's experience and expertise, and believe in the power of transferring this knowledge to our young and eager trainees.  

And, when we are unable to meet a challenge ourselves, we call upon those we consider to be members of our team too: a large and trusted network of associated and specialized workshops.  

We also strive to work with the environment, not against it: wherever possible we choose recyclable materials and employ sustainable methods.  

What's more, we align our business model to your ambitions by offering transparent estimates and fair quotations, direct, personal communication, productive meetings and a clear decision-making process.  

Finally, once production is underway, we invite you to our workshop to monitor progress and assess results... but mostly because we like to share the true joy of creating something special.